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Related article: Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999 16:16:34 -0800 (PST) From: Conor O'Leary Subject: After-Practice Workout After-Practice Workout by Conor O'LearyHi everybody. This story is one of my fantasies, and it involves two guys I knew from high school. But while it is told in the first person and from my perspective, it should not be assumed that this is a true story. Okay? I hope you like it -- let me know what you think of it. Email me at 1Soccer practice had just ended. My teammates quickly changed and left the field. Soon, only Mike and I remained on the bleachers. We had both purposefully taken a long time to change, waiting for the others to leave. We didn't want any of our friends to see us go up into the woods. To have sex.That was the plan, anyway. But we didn't make it to the woods, at least not at first. I looked at Mike sitting on the bench just above me, and I had to have him. I turned around and grabbed his muscular thigh through his worn Levi's. I climbed up to his level, pushing him back to rest against the bleacher behind him. Mike said, in his sexy, gravelly voice, "Conor, you're so hot." And hot I was. My cock was snaking down my thigh, clearly visible through my jeans.It was getting dark, but it was light enough so that someone on our team, returning for a forgotten water bottle, would easily discover us. Instead of scaring us, that chance excited us.By now our tongues had met, locked in a passionate embrace. I had been addicted to Mike ever since the first time I sucked his improportionately large cock, back in the tenth grade. Now my hands were roughly groping Mike's well-rounded crotch, caressing the length of his potent rod.I reached my hands under his shirt and pinched Mike's firm nipples as I crushed my face into his crotch. Then I pulled apart his fly and reached down his boxers and grasped his rock-hard endowment. In seconds, I was deep-throating Mike's erection and fondling his round balls with my hands.Mike lay back and groaned; he knew how dedicated I was. All I wanted in the world was the taste of Mike's cum in my mouth -- the warm, sticky juice oozing down my throat.I chewed on Mike's dick like a wild man, pausing only to inhale. I ran my tongue up and down the wide, veiny shaft, and his body began to quiver.Soon, Mike was ready. Suddenly he gasped, and seconds later he shot his juice into my awaiting mouth. I sucked every ounce of cum out of his nuts; I released his dick only when it was soft and plump.Quickly, Mike pulled his pants over his beefy cock, and led me to the woods.I knew our fun had just begun. Part 2Mike and I walked up to the woods together. As we were walking, Mike grabbed my hard cock, which could barely be contained by my jeans. He unzipped my fly and allowed my erection to stand out from my body in the fresh, open air.We entered the woods through a little-traveled path, and found our way to our usual spot. Without saying a word, Mike fell to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked on the head for awhile, and licked up and down the underside of the shaft. Soon, his jeans were once again around his knees; with one hand, Mike was stroking his huge dick, which was hard once again.I knew I wanted more than the pleasure of Mike's soft lips. Quietly I said, "I want to fuck you." He looked up at me, smiled, and kneeled down facing a large rock. He leaned his torso against the rock, his ass exposed to me and the world. I kneeled down behind him and placed my hands on the two round, white globes of flesh. I leaned down and stuck my tongue in his glorious pink crack, and licked till Mike started to groan. He was ready.I took my cock in my hands and placed the head against his hole. Slowly, I eased Lolita Biz my pole into Mike's body, inch by inch by inch. He groaned even louder as his anus adjusted to this hard, intruding visitor. I thrust in and out of Mike, thrusts of lust, of passion, and --And something else. My attraction to Mike was not entirely sexual or physical. I truly liked Mike, and he was very important to me. At times, I even thought I loved him.But this was not important now. All that mattered was sexual gratification. I continued to ravage the inside of Mike's body, coming ever-closer to the inevitable moment of ecstasy.And I had almost reached that point when I heard a noise. I looked behind me, and although by now it was nearly dark, I could see that a person had stumbled upon our activities. Oh no, I thought, we've been discovered!My only hope was that this person was someone we did not know, someone who would disappear back into the woods as suddenly as he or she had appeared. But the person did not leave."What's going on?" It was a man's voice. One that I vaguely recognized.I had dismounted Mike's body, but both of us were still half-naked and visibly aroused. Lolita Biz It would be impossible to deny what we were doing. "Nothing," Mike called out to the man. "It's nothing.""Who are you?" asked the man. I couldn't quite place the voice."Just leave us alone!" I shouted, sounding desperate.But the intruder wouldn't leave. "Mike, is that you?" He walked over to us, and then I saw his face. It was Chris. I had been attracted to, and somewhat scared of, Chris throughout high school. And now he had walked in on me screwing Mike."What are you doing here, Chris?" Mike demanded. His face was beet red.A smile came across Chris's face. "I was out running. This is quite a surprise. Conor and Mike, having sex in woods. This will be a fun story to tell.""Chris..." I whined, not sure what to say. He just couldn't tell anyone about this. "You can't...""Oh, don't worry, guys." Chris stepped even closer. I could see now that his hand was stroking his crotch. "Come here, Conor," he ordered.As I crawled over to him, Chris pulled down his running shorts and let his erect cock fall in front of my face. His dick was even bigger than Mike's; in fact, it was much bigger. I had never seen any thing like it. "Go on," Chris told me. "Stop staring and suck it."And so I did. What choice did I have? If I didn't do as told, this man with the monstrous cock would expose Mike and I as the fags that we were. And besides, it wasn't entirely unenjoyable. I had always thought Chris was sexy, and, being a relentless size queen, I couldn't pass up the chance to suck on biggest dick I had ever seen, and probably the biggest I ever would see.I swallowed as much of the monumental shaft as I could. I could hardly breathe, but I was perfectly happy. With one of my hands, I fondled Chris's tremendous balls. Chris stood over me, thrusting his crotch into my face. He was breathing deeply, but did not seem to be near cumming.Abruptly, Chris pushed my head off of his cock. He stepped over to Mike, who was sitting on the ground watching us. "Now for the good part," announced Chris, and told Mike to get back down on the rock."Chris," pleaded Mike, "do you have to do this?""I want to," was Chris's answer. With that he leaned his body down against Mike's and, with one quick thrust, shoved his huge dagger into Mike's body. Mike howled, and I felt truly bad for him. But there was nothing I could do. All I could do was sit in the dirt and watch Chris fuck Lolita Biz my lover.Chris continued to do so for a long time. He was brutal with Mike's ass, fucking it as hard as he could. I knew Mike disliked rough sex -- he must have been in so much pain. I thought to myself that I would never forgive Chris for raping Mike.But then I noticed something. Mike was enjoying having his ass reamed by Chris. He was moaning with pleasure, and had begun to groan things like, "Yeah, Chris," and "Fuck me hard." I was angry. And I was jealous. Mike, whom I had faithfully serviced for over a year, was excited by this other man. My anger for Chris had begun to fade, and Mike became the focus of my anger.I don't know what right I had to be angry. I had had sex Lolita Biz with other men since I began my sexual relationship with Mike. But I would never take pleasure in their bodies in front of Mike.I thought about getting up off the ground and leaving Chris and Mike to enjoy each other's company in private. But then I had another thought. If I could find some way to get in on this, I wouldn't feel so jealous. So I walked over behind Chris -- he was too busy railing Mike's ass to notice me -- and fell to my knees. Without warning, I stuck my face into Chris's ass and stuck my tongue into his crack. Chris gave out a startled yelp, and without stopping the rhythmic ramming of Mike's ass, turned his head towards me. "What the fuck are you doing?""Just trying to keep your ass warm," was my snotty reply. "Tell me you don't like it," I challenged.Chris looked at me for a moment, as if trying to think of something to say. Then, he turned his head around and concentrated once again on Mike's ass.And so I continued to lick Chris's crack. It was still hot and sweaty from his run, and it tasted wonderful. As I was doing this, my cock was getting harder and bigger by the second. So I stood up, aimed my dick at Chris's hole, and slammed my meat into his body. I heard him yelp, but did not tell me to stop. I proceeded to fuck Chris as hard as he was fucking Mike. Chris's ass was perfect. As I thrusted in and out, the muscles of his anus caressed my erection.Meanwhile, Chris was about ready to cum inside Mike. He was moaning and breathing very heavily, and soon he screamed, and I knew that he was pouring his cum into Mike's body. As he came, his ass tightened around my cock, almost causing me to cum. I was able to hold off for a few more minutes, but then I shot my load into Chris's hot ass.For a few moments, we stayed in that position -- with Chris's cock in Mike's ass, and my cock in Chris's ass. Then Chris began to get up, saying, "Okay, fags, I've got to go." He put his little shorts back on, barely covering his huge, cum-soaked beast, and ran off. I helped my lover up off the ground, and we went home.It would not be the last time the three of us would be together...
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